How much does it cost?

I believe you should have a proper choice in what you spend and what you get. So I won't make you buy fixed packages, albums or even prints. Instead, you only pay for what you really want - the photographs.

Your photographs will arrive on a DVD-ROM which will contain all the images from the day as full size, max-res JPG files. Importantly, you get permission to make your own prints and photobooks, copy/e-mail photos to friends and upload to the internet too. This is not only where you not only save money, but have freedom to use the photos as you wish. If you make a photobook or album, you can even mix in photos from guests. There are no more bills from me. This is how it works:


  Standard rate May - October Off-season rate November - April

Location visit: Before the event, I need to meet you at the venue/s involved and see the officials. We go through the order of the day, decide where best to take the various photographs, and what to do if it rains. You'll be busy enough on the day and if I left anything to chance, I wouldn't be doing my job. The visit is best done a week or two before the wedding and can often be combined with rehearsals for convenience.

50-150 50-150
Photography: A full days' coverage generally comprises Preparations, Ceremony, Reception and First Dance. It also includes anything else that happens such as confetti, cake-cutting, speeches and on-the-day requests. A shorter '3/4' day is a possibility if required. I also need to get to and from the various places, so please allow 50p/mile for all travelling including the location visit. 700-900 650-800
Digital processing: After the day I'll have several hundred digital image files. Each one is critically assessed, processed from RAW and optimised in Photoshop. Every image is adjusted individually to give you the best possible photographs, an exacting process which takes about three days. 200-300 150-250
Special Effects: As you've seen on the gallery pages, some images look more striking when tastefully modified - for example black & white, spot colour, enhanced colour and cropping. Different people like different things, so the best way to do it is to call in at some convenient time after the wedding and we'll go through the images together and make some exciting new ones. Bring a memory stick and take them away with you! By request. Up to 2 hours free, thence 40/hr. By request. Up to 2 hours free, thence 30/hr.

How many photographs will you get? That depends on many factors - the hours on site, the venues, the people and events, but for a full day the average is about 500 images and the record is 683! However, I never put quantity above quality - all images supplied are good, so you can see that the value is outstanding - about 2.50 per image. (Compare that with 50 prints in an album for 1800!)

For an accurate estimate for *your* wedding or special occasion, just mail me with as much information as possible (date, venues, times, requirements) and I'll usually get back to you within 24 hours. To book, all you need is a 250 deposit. If you want to meet me here first before deciding, a good natter is absolutely free.

*          *          *          *

How do you receive the photographs?  Some photographers try to tie you up with over-priced prints and albums that cost a fortune. They also refuse to let you have the original images. But there IS another way: Bloke sends you all the images on a smartly presented DVD-ROM (or CD-ROM - see below). Then you can make your own prints however you like - at home, take to a shop or upload to an internet bureau like

Burn and post CD        10
How fast? Your disk with all the hi-res images will be waiting for you when you get back from honeymoon. No delays.
DVD or CD?   If you prefer your images on CD, this can be done but the cost will be 10 per disk due to the extra work and packaging involved. CDs only hold 700Mb, so the average wedding will need four disks. This is because I supply maximum resolution, highest quality images.
Prints and photobooks: I can supply prints or photobooks if you wish, but due to the extra time involved they'll cost more than if you buy them direct. Places to buy photobooks.
Copyright: Copyright remains with me, but on completion of payment you are granted licence to reproduce and print the images for your family and friends (ie. non-commercial). Selected images may be chosen to enhance the Bloke website :-)


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