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Unusually for a wedding photographer, I don't usually get involved with albums. This is why:

1) COST: It saves you a chunk of money. Once upon a time, photographers kept their suppliers a secret so they could make more money out of you. But digital photography and the internet means it's now easy to choose your own album or photobook - all online and for remarkably low prices.

2) STYLE: There are many hundreds of different album designs out there - if I buy in stock, you may not like what I choose! If you source your own album you'll get exactly what you want. You can also order extra copies affordably, direct from the supplier, with no extra cost from me.

3) ENJOYMENT: My clients enjoy looking through all the original images (usually 500+), choosing their favourites and deciding which ones to put in their album. You can even mix and match photos from guests, and include the honeymoon photos too!

See a superb 158-page Photobook from Neal & Jess


Here are some Photobook sites to get you started >>>

Bob Books   Snapfish   Blurb  
Albelli Lulu My Publisher  



My Photobook


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