Bloke with a Camera




No-one quite knows when Bloke first picked up a camera, but by the age of 9 he'd won his Cub Scout photography badge. Huzzah!

Later on he experimented with black & white and close-up work, and joined the Royal Photographic Society in 1984. What had been a hobby evolved into more serious photography, and the list of essential ironmongery lengthened inexorably...

The armoury now centres on two Nikon digital SLRs and a selection of not inexpensive lenses to meet every task. And a big tripod. And some big lights, and other stuff too. He's even built a small in-house studio which is ideal for products and portraits.

That means he's now ready and available to work to commission for you - corporate, product, wedding, social, reportage - just drop him an e-mail for a price :-)

Need more info? See the 'Bloke interview'!





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